Coffee and cycling, oh how I miss you

As my adventure in Singapore continues, I am still missing my bike and the crisp (if you can call it that) London air in my lungs…It’s funny how things are so relative. The thought of cycling in this humidity and

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The bicycle is a universal language – London to Singapore

A couple of weeks ago, I came over to Singapore, where I will be spending a significant part of the next few months. This was actually quite exciting because the weather in London had just started to get pretty cold.

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A newbie’s Winter cycling wardrobe

In my previous post, I was lamenting the end of Summer in London. It got me thinking about my first Winter (last year) and how I naively still cycled, whether I had the correct gear or not. Cycling is notoriously

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Farewell, Summer

So last week I came to the very sad realisation that the London Summer is over. The nights are drawing in and the temperature is on its way down. It’s time to accept the realities of living in this city

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The humble ‘Boris’ as a stepping stone

We are all pretty familiar with cycle hire schemes now, as many of the world’s big cities have either installed them, are installing them, or have tried and failed. One thing we can’t argue against, is that they are a

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Racks are liberating

I should probably explain before the title of this post is taken the wrong way…The rack I refer to in this post is a rear pannier rack. I ride a gold single speed bike around the streets of East London.

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Red lights and pavement bandits!

So in a slightly opposing post to my last one about the Police presence in the London cycle scene, I’m writing to document something I observed on Old St recently. I was sitting at Look Mum No Hands enjoying a

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